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in-office procedures


In-office procedures, or minor surgery can be defined as a surgical procedure that involves little risk. These procedures can often be performed in-office, without general anesthetic.  In-office procedures offered by Members Private Healthcare include: 

  • Skin Lesions (moles, infections, Actinic Keratosis)
    • Punch Biopsy
    • Incisional
    • Shave
    • Removal with chemical (acid or liquid nitrogen)
    • Suture
      • Simple laceration repair (excluding face)
    • Trigger Point Injection

    • Joint Injection
      • Shoulder
      • Knee
    • Wart Removal
      • Acid
    • Cyst Removal
      • Incision and drain
      • Steroid Injection
    • Nail Infection (Ingrown)
      • Partial Nail Removal

Members Private Healthcare offers personalized, professional primary care  for our patients.  We work with you to optimize your health, provide annual physicals, and try to prevent illness and injuries.  We believe in a positive doctor patient relationship. It is our goal to provide quality care and to make you feel comfortable during every visit with us.